MidState Energy

Formerly Jointly Owned Natural Gas

MidState Energy

Formerly Jointly Owned Natural Gas

Your safety is our primary concern

Natural gas, America’s most popular home heating energy, is increasingly popular for use by homeowners, schools, businesses, factories and power generation facilities because it is efficient, clean reliable and a relative bargain compared to alternative energy sources.

As with any energy source, certain levels of safety should always be practiced!

Call before you dig!

To protect you and others in our communities; federal and state government, along with your utility provider have made safety a high priority. Any time you excavate or move earth in any way, you are required to “Call Before You Dig” by simply dialing 811 at least 48 hours before beginning any and all digging. When you call Georgia 811, they will contact all utility owners who will locate and mark all buried utilities on or near your property, so you can safely dig and prevent a potentially hazardous situation. Failure to use the 811 system is a known contributor to pipeline incidents or accidents. Calling before you dig can prevent a costly or even deadly mistake.

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Leak or outage?

If you smell gas, or just think you might smell gas, leave the area immediately and call your gas provider from a nearby location, a safe distance from where the smell was detected. Never turn on or off switches or use a portable light or phone in the presence of a possible gas smell, because an electric spark could ignite gas and cause an explosion.

Customers served by Mid-State Energy Commission may report the unusual smell of natural gas, regardless of the time or day, to our business telephone number  478.654.6059.

During non-business hours all calls are routed through the local 911 Emergency Center.

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Customer Service

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Establishing Service

Mid-State Energy Commission is a municipally owned utility, delivering energy efficient natural gas, in the safest and most cost effective manner, to customers in portions of seven Middle Georgia counties.

Although we operate in partnership with the cities of Byron, Cochran, Hawkinsville, Perry and Warner Robins, our direct service area includes portions of Bibb, Peach, Houston, Bleckley, Pulaski, Dodge, and Laurens Counties.

To establish gas service to a residence or business within our service area, please contact our office by phone at 478.654.6059 or visit our office in person at 200 Dunbar Road in Byron.

What you need to bring.

Discontinuing Service

To terminate gas service to a residence or business, please contact our office by phone at 478.654.6059.

Your meter will be read on the day, or closest business day, that you wish to end service and a final bill be issued reflecting the gas usage through that day.

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Payment Options

You may use our automatic payment form to set up easy and convenient bank drafts.

Log in to your account to pay online.

Payments may be made through the mail by check or money order. Customers are urged to not mail cash. Payments may also be made in person at our office:
200 Dunbar Road
Byron, GA 31008

You may also pay by telephone: 478-241-2215

For information on other available convenient payment options such as bank draft, on line or phone payment, please call our office at 478.654.6059.

Note: Payments made online or by telephone must be paid by 2:00 pm to be applied the same day.

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Rebates are available when you convert from another energy source as well as when you replace certain natural gas items.

Water heater (tank or tankless)  $500 each
Furnace $250 each
Cooktop/range $200 each
Fireplace logs $100 each
Clothes dryer stub $50
Grill stub - single grill $50
Outdoor kitchen (multiple burners) $100
Pool/spa heater $500
Power generator $250
Natural gas appliance replacement

The following rebates are intended to assist existing Jointly Owned Natural Gas customers choosing to replace older less efficient natural gas appliances with more efficient ones. These rebates are applicable only when the replacement appliance is comparable to the gas appliance being replaced. These rebates are limited to one rebate, per appliance, within an eight-year period.

Water heater (tank or tankless)  $400
Cooktop / range $200
Furnace $250

Contact our office to apply for rebates.

Rebates updated 12/06/2018