Gas Appliance Rebate Schedule

Rebates are available when you convert from another energy source as well as for replacing certain natural gas items.

Contact our office to apply for rebates.

New additions

The following rebates apply to all natural gas appliances added to the system, regardless of the previous energy source, other than natural gas.

Water heater (tank or tankless) $500 each
Furnace $250 each
Cooktop/range$200 each
Fireplace logs$100 each
Clothes dryer stub$50
Grill stub - single grill$50
Outdoor kitchen (multiple burners)$100
Pool/spa heater$500
Power generator$250

Natural gas appliance replacement

The following rebates are intended to assist existing Jointly Owned Natural Gas customers choosing to replace older less efficient natural gas appliances with more efficient ones. These rebates are applicable only when the replacement appliance is comparable to the gas appliance being replaced. These rebates are limited to one rebate, per appliance, within an eight-year period.

Water heater (tank or tankless) $400
Cooktop / range$200

Rebates updated 12/06/2018

Contact our office to apply for rebates.

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